Friday’s Hot Tip:Technology

As I’m trying to get my life together, I’m looking to technology to help me. Part of this process includes tracking all of those IDs, passwords, and other miscellaneous data that I keep accruing as I sign up for various and sundry things on the Internet. I have an Excel spreadsheet I started, but it’s not particularly secure, and considering all the drama I’ve been through recently with Joe, I don’t really want all this info lying around.

This is where SplashID comes in. It’s a software program that allows a safe haven for all your user IDs, passwords, and other data. You set a master password for the program, and once you’ve entered it, you have access to all your oh-so-private data. Need to quickly look up your Visa number, but your wallet is in the other room? With SplashID, you can pull up the information with a few clicks.

The SplashID software has preformatted several types of items you may need to track, such as:

  • locker combinations
  • e-mail accounts
  • bank accounts
  • website logins
  • identification, such as drivers license, Social Security Numbers
  • clothes sizes
  • frequent flyer info

You can add your own types as well, specifying the field labels and what information, if any, needs to be hidden or “masked.” Since I have a couple accounts I use for online messaging, I created a type called “Online Messaging”, with fields for my user ID, password, and security answer (in response to those goofy questions such as “What is the maiden name of your mother’s first pet that went to elementary school?”).

If you’re like me and you already have an electronic file with all of your user IDs and passwords, it’s easy enough to import the file into SplashID. All I had to do was turn my Excel spreadsheet into a CSV file, then import it that way. The Help file on SplashID walks you through the process very easily.

The challenge I’ve had with this product has more to do with Palm and Microsoft Vista than SplashData, the software manufacturer. Palm has dropped the ball technologically speaking, and as a result their products are not always compliant with what Microsoft is doing. That’s really a nice way of saying, “Palm is dumber than a soapdish, and Microsoft Vista sucks.” I have not been able to get my desktop version of SplashID to sync with my Palm TX version of SplashID – and it’s really supposed to be a simple process.* But alas, Palm’s new Vista-friendly HotSync program doesn’t want to make nice with many third-party software applications, such as SplashData’s products. As a result I’ve had to manually enter my SplashID Desktop data onto my TX. All you Palm users out there, don’t get Vista! It will screw up everything you’ve worked for on your Palm PDA and/or SmartPhone! (stepping down from soapbox and brushing off my sleeves)

My issues with syncing aside, SplashID is a great product for safely tracking all those little numbers and goofy alphanumeric combinations that the Man forces us to use in order to keep our stuff secure. I give it an A-.

*Update: My contact for Splash Products has given me info on how to make the sync work, so I’ll try it out. I don’t think he realizes I’m a mutant with the power to disable technology, however. We’ll see how this goes.

3 thoughts on “Friday’s Hot Tip:Technology

  1. gifted typist says:

    I’ve gone to the on-line solution. Works great and it’s always available no matter which device or where you are.

  2. Lorelei says:

    Locker combinations! I needed that back at T.A. I still have nightmares about forgetting my locker combination.

  3. Johnny Rocket says:

    Nice try, Moxie. Dangling shiny techno widgets in our eyes, hoping to distract us from the fact Part 3 isn’t up. Didn’t work, I’m immune. No sparkling gizmos for me. Wait, is that the latest Cyberguys catalog on my credenza? MMmmmm….. Enclosure for 5 SATA hard drives for 4 terabytes of storage…. charge my iPod with a AA battery…. Moxie, will have to get back to you later (dazzled eyes can’t focus)…

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