Thirty days down!

Whew, I made it. Thirty days of blog posts, all because of NaBloPoMo. True, there were days I didn’t post much in the way of original content. But I did post something and I believe that was the point.

There’s no guarantee I will be able to maintain daily posting. A few big things are in the works right now and my blogging time may be limited. This 30 day blogging challenge was good for me, though. It got me thinking about what to write and forced me to become more involved with my blog again, and that makes me happy.

To all of you who have been reading faithfully and commenting: thank you.

To all the lurkers who are reading but not commenting: thank you. But would it kill you to post a comment? Can’t you help boost a girl’s ego just a little?

To all the spammers: I know you think your flattery will get me to approve your comments, but you can’t spell and your comments make no sense. Thank the technology gods and WordPress app developers for a strong spam filter, otherwise I would be spending way too much time removing your ridiculousness.

Coming soon: Resolutions for Everyone Else, 2010 Highlights, and other musings.

One thought on “Thirty days down!

  1. False flattery and poor spelling are a volatile combination.

    Congrats on completing your NaBloPoMo pledge! I’m glad to have done it, but equally glad to know that I don’t have to post today, if I don’t want to.

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