Bearing Witness

Like many other people, I’m extremely disgusted by all the news coming out of the Penn State sexual abuse scandal.

What upsets me the most, though, is how easy it is for us as humans to do nothing when we see suffering or pain.

Will Humes is a Methodist minister based in Pennsylvania. I know him through a social network. And while we have never met in person, I am always moved by his comments about faith, spirituality, and compassion.

Today he preached a moving, eloquent sermon to his congregation about what the Penn State situation has to teach us about helping others, and about the need to bear witness. It’s not heavy-handed or a Bible-thumper. It’s full of truth and light and hope that if we all recommit ourselves to bearing witness, we can change the world.

Give it a read and let me know what you think. And if Will’s message deeply resonates with you, please comment on his site.