Headed to Galax

On Monday night I was 100% funded for my trip to Galax to research my novel.

Today I bought my plane ticket and made my hotel reservation for Galax.

All thanks to you nice people, the ones with the big hearts and wallets. The ones who believe in my ability to write and publish The Girl from Galax.

That means a lot. A LOT.

So thank you very very much. I am moved and honored by your generosity and words of encouragement.

A few people have said, “Wait! I missed this! Can I still donate?”

The answer is yes. Everything has gone up in price since I started the crowdfunding campaign, so your donations will help cover all the incidentals.

**Click this button to be taken directly to PayPal to donate.**

And here are the links to find out all the details of what I was doing and why I was doing it.

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