Educating Pops on Social Media

A while back Pops accidentally clicked Like on a certain presidential candidate’s FB Page, thinking that he could express dislike that way as well. Because Pops is still a FB novice, he was convinced he could not figure out how to Unlike the Page. This irritated me to no end, mostly because I do not like, or Like, said candidate, and I know that Pops doesn’t like or Like him, either.

Early yesterday evening, after a phone conversation about the debates, I finally broke down the steps for Pops in an email, which I have reproduced below in the hopes that some of you will be amused by it.

To: Pops

From: Moxie

Subject: How to Unlike Mitt Romney on Facebook

Very easy to fix this!

2. You’ll see a page that looks like this (I put this image here so you know what you’re looking for):
Inline image 1

3. In the box that says “To connect with Mitt Romney, sign up for Facebook today” there are two buttons. Click on the Log In button, which will take you to the Log In Page.
4. At the Log In page, input your email and password at the prompts, then click Log In. You’ll be taken to your News Feed page.
5. At the top of the browser window, where it says, copy and paste this address:
6. Underneath the big picture and on the right, you will see a button with a checkmark and the word Like next to it. Click on that button.
7. The window that pops up will have an Unlike option at the bottom. Click on the word Unlike.
You have now told Mitt Romney he can go *#%! himself. Well, not really, but your liberal heart will feel so much better.
With love from your left-leaning, socialist-sympathizing daughter,

2 thoughts on “Educating Pops on Social Media

  1. Poor Pops! He must have been mortified to realize what he had inadvertently done. I hope he successfully extricated himself from that crowd!

    • Yes, “mortified” is the right word. I am proud to report that he followed the instructions and successfully Unliked Romney’s Page. He said he also posted a “polite but negative comment” on the Page.

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