Open Letter(s) to Target Managers, or Why I Hate Your Cashiers’ Bagging Skills

Dear Target Manager,

I appreciate that Target offers me a discount for using reusable bags. I especially appreciate that the policy changed from 5 cents off to 5 cents per bag. I like getting financial incentives to recycle, reuse, all that crap.

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My reusable bag stash that I keep in my car.

What I do NOT appreciate is how you’ve very obviously instructed your employees to pack as much as possible into one reusable bag. Today’s shopping experience involved me watch the cashier play Tetris with my items – canned tomatoes on top of a soft item?! are you for real?! – because she was hell bent on not using my second bag. She even asked me, “Do you want this in a bag?” when I had two items left, one of which couldn’t be easily carried out (bottle with no handle) and one which would be much easier for me to carry in a bag (small case of sparkling water). I made her use the second bag, but I could tell she wasn’t thrilled about it.

This reusable-bag overloading wasn’t the first time this has happened, either: I’ve had the same experience at the same Target store, with different cashiers. They all seem a bit squirrely as they are bagging the items, too, as if they know the customer may curse them out for overloading one bag. I suspect many customers have complained, yet the practice continues.

As a single woman, I don’t enjoy schlepping bags upstairs to my apartment, no matter what’s inside them: new shoes, makeup, groceries, cleaning products, a grumpy cat post-vet visit. I particularly hate it when the bags are packed so damn heavy that I fear I will topple over on the stairs, landing at the bottom covered in dry beans, white vinegar and quinoa. (I’m looking at you, Trader Joe’s, with your friendly hipster cashiers who pack fairly efficiently but again, all the heavy stuff seems to wind up in one bag. Space them out, dammit!) It’s much more tolerable if the bags are packed for transport AND efficiency, not just efficiency. (The issue of keeping frozen/refrigerated items together is a post for another time.)

But I digress. Here’s the thing, Mr/Ms. Target Manager: if you’ve given your cashiers some sort of lecture or warning about too many reusable bag credits per shift, shame on you. If this edict is coming from corporate, then y’all need to rethink your strategy here. If California enacts the plastic bag ban law, I figure you’ll eliminate the reusable bag discount, at least in CA. In the meantime, stop overloading my bags.



4 thoughts on “Open Letter(s) to Target Managers, or Why I Hate Your Cashiers’ Bagging Skills

  1. Oh gawd. They do that shit here in Nevada as well and it drives me nuts. Only they do it at Sprouts or Walmart, not Target. At least not that I know of anyway.

    All I can say is pack my stuff in a way that’s easy to carry and I’ll be happy.

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