Cute Comfy Shoe Alert!

Disclaimer: The following post is based on content I received from Reebok via ShareASale.

One of these days I am going to get kicked out of the Girl Club for not owning enough shoes. Seriously, I’ve never been one to buy lots of shoes, probably because I was traumatized as a child by all the trips to Stride Rite and all that damn toe pinching by the salespeople and my parents. “Is that your toe?” they would say as they jammed their thumb onto my big toe. If someone did that to me now, I’d likely kick them in the face and claim it was reflexes.

When I saw the info about the new Skyscape from Reebok, though, I instantly wanted a pair. The colors are fun and they sound really comfortable. Get this: the shoes were crafted by borrowing the materials and soft molding process used to create lingerie, which provides all-around comfort and creates a shoe so lightweight that it only weighs 5.0 ounces. That’s lighter than an iPad. (Not that you’d be wearing an iPad on your feet, of course, but I thought a point of comparison would be useful.) Best part? Skyscape is even machine washable!

What about support? Skyscape Runaround features Skysculpt and Skyspring technologies to help support the foot and provide all-day comfort. I like all-day comfort. I mean, really, who wouldn’t?

If you’ve now fallen in love with this shoe and MUST HAVE IT NOW, I should point out that this is an online exclusive early release, so head to and get your pair of Skyscape.

**Order by Friday, December 20 at noon EST to receive guaranteed holiday delivery.**