Been a Long Time Gone

Sheesh, it’s been over six months since I last blogged. I’m way more mouthy and active over on the Facebook page and Twitter, but the long-form blogging well is dry. That’s a bit embarrassing.

What’s funny is that I have plenty to write about – I always do – it’s more about making the time to write something. And when I blog, I like to write well-crafted copy with references and links where appropriate. When you write for a living – well, I don’t write long-form content for my day job, but I still call myself a writer – there are certain standards you want to uphold. At least I do.

There were a few years when I did the NaBloPoMo challenge, but apparently that rode off into the sunset of the interwebs. It was taken over by BlogHer, which was acquired by SheKnows. They now have something called the BlogHer Writing Lab for getting writing prompts. They want to offer more flexibility, it seems. I don’t need flexibility with my blog posting. I need structure so I get more content on here on the regular.

Bah. No matter. I will look for some other challenges that maybe I can do in December to get this party back in gear.

NaBloPoMo 2014: Let’s Do This Despite a Raging Headache

I’m poking around on HootSuite, reading through tweets on my 4 different accounts, and I see something about NaBloPoMo. I’ve done it before, and I like deadlines and discipline when it comes to writing, so I go sign up, choosing to ignore the headache I’ve had since returning home from a writing session at Starbucks. (Soy peppermint mocha induced? A reaction to my cinnamon apple candle that I fired up once I got home? Who the hell knows.)

Then I start digging in to the WordPress issue I’ve been having since dealing with login attack issues a few weeks ago: it won’t let me update anything AT ALL. Not WordPress itself, not my plugins, nothing. Of course, as many bloggers know, a raging headache is the perfect time to troubleshoot your blog and go through the codex trying to figure out how  this got all shades of f***ed up.

I’ve downloaded WordPress and the plugin that will keep people from trying to access my site, I’ve poked around on the FTP site changing a few settings, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need help figuring this shit out. Tomorrow I’ll reach out to my WordPress savvy friends. For now I’m gonna go lay down.

Blogging Streak Has Ended

The last three days were either busy or I was too emotionally spent to blog. More of the latter than the former, if we’re being honest. Yesterday was Momcat’s birthday and the days leading up to it are very challenging for me. But I’m feeling better now, and ready to get back into the game.

Under the Wire

I had several other ideas for blog posts for today, but I was feeling lazy & didn’t do much of anything other than read, faff about on the Internet, eat, and nap with the cats. So this is what you get.

Here’s a gratuitous cat photo.


Doing NaBloPoMo 2011

So at close to the last minute I decided to do NaBloPoMo for November. I did it last year and it was a great motivator. Hard to keep up steam once the month’s over, at least for me, but maybe it will be different on this go-round. Who knows?

So stay tuned, be sure to follow me on Twitter (the link is just to the right of this post…down a little…a little more…there!), become a Facebook Fan, or just read the blog.

Thirty days down!

Whew, I made it. Thirty days of blog posts, all because of NaBloPoMo. True, there were days I didn’t post much in the way of original content. But I did post something and I believe that was the point.

There’s no guarantee I will be able to maintain daily posting. A few big things are in the works right now and my blogging time may be limited. This 30 day blogging challenge was good for me, though. It got me thinking about what to write and forced me to become more involved with my blog again, and that makes me happy.

To all of you who have been reading faithfully and commenting: thank you.

To all the lurkers who are reading but not commenting: thank you. But would it kill you to post a comment? Can’t you help boost a girl’s ego just a little?

To all the spammers: I know you think your flattery will get me to approve your comments, but you can’t spell and your comments make no sense. Thank the technology gods and WordPress app developers for a strong spam filter, otherwise I would be spending way too much time removing your ridiculousness.

Coming soon: Resolutions for Everyone Else, 2010 Highlights, and other musings.

So far so good

Well, I’ve blogged every day this month, so I’d say I’m doing well with NaBloPoMo. But tonight I am tired and lazy. It’s raining out, my bed and comfy gray blanket are calling my name, and I don’t feel like making a huge effort to be particularly clever or creative.

Since I don’t want to feel guilty or wrong about writing such a lame post, instead I’ll post a few links to some good articles, videos and blog posts I read this week.

What news stories and blog posts caught your eye this week?

Poor Poor Pitiful Blog

Wow, my Feedburner is showing only one reader. Of course it doesn’t help that I haven’t posted in a month.

Guess it’s a good thing I signed up for NaBloPoMo, which sounds obscene when you say it out loud. It’s short for National Blog Posting Month, and while you can sign up for any month in the year (NaNoWriMo is only in November), most folks sign up in November.

So let’s get this party started, shall we?