Wednesday’s Wackiness: Snap Attack Game

This week’s wackiness comes courtesy of the Eclectech website, full of “a lot of stuff and nonsense.” While you could roam their website all week long and never run out of wackiness, this game is strange enough to warrant a mention. I found it courtesy of my Page-a-Day calendar on Weird Websites.

Snap Attack is a game in which you have 60 seconds to snap photos of the strange things crossing your path. Get the wacky in the crosshairs of your “camera” and click the mouse to get the picture. Penguin in a sequined top hat? Click. Dancing yak? Click. Dog on a unicycle? Click. When the time is up, your score is displayed in the bottom right corner and a slideshow allows you to view your images.

So when you hit about 3:30 pm today and you’re feeling a bit antsy, check out the Snap Attack game. Maybe its sheer weirdness will help you make it to quittin’ time. And tell the flying cow in the tutu I said hello.