Weird Things Seen on the Street, #48

Some back story to preface this next weird thing photo. For the six years I lived in my apartment in Sacramento, there had been a water bottle sitting in the fire extinguisher box across from my living room window. It never moved, and I had no idea if someone had left the bottle there on purpose as a sort of joke, or left it there because they forgot about it, or what had happened. Occasionally I considered taking the bottle and throwing it out, but never did.

Fast forward to July 2016, not quite 2 months before I moved, and I see the water bottle is gone. Someone knocked it out of the box and onto the ground below. I suspect it was the occasionally rowdy guys who lived a few doors down from me. Finding the fallen water bottle downstairs made me a little sad, but it also felt symbolic to my sensitive, sign-and-symbol-loving self. If the water bottle is gone, then it’s time for me to go, too, I thought. And so I did.

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The mysterious water bottle is dead. Long live the water bottle.

Seen something weird on the street lately?

Send me your photo, along with where you saw the weirdness, and I’ll post it here!

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Weird Things on the Street #42

Some days Cinderella loses her slipper…


…and some days she loses the gel insole for her slipper.

Send your photos of weird things seen on the street and I’ll post ‘em here!

Please include the city & state where you found it, and a link to your website/blog so I can give you credit.

Weird Things Seen on the Street #41

gummy bears, candy, gummi bears

Gummy bears don't jaywalk. How do I know this? Because these were found in the crosswalk.

gummy bears, candy, gummi bears

I want candy, but I don't want it lying on the street.

Right before Easter weekend, there was an incident involving gummy bears near my building. At least that’s what appears to have happened based on the volume of bears found on the street. It was a little sad, to be honest.

Please support your favorite candy and candy manufacturers by keeping your sweets firmly in hand at all times. For just pennies a day, you too can make a difference in the shelf life of a gummy bear. Or gummy worm. Whichever.

Send your photos of weird things seen on the street

and I’ll post ‘em here!

Please include the city & state where you found it, and a link to your website/blog so I can give you credit.

How Lovely Are Thy Branches

This afternoon I was walking through Capitol Park and I stopped by this truck.

Sacramento, Christmas tree, Christmas, Washington D.C.

DC or bust!

Turns out that inside this truck is a 65-foot white fir – there were glass panels where visitors could view part of the tree – taken from the Stanislaus National Forest. It got chosen to be the U.S. Capitol Christmas Treeh, which means it’s on its way to my hometown, Washington, D.C.

People were allowed to sign the banner on the side of the truck – the guy in the middle of the picture is adding his signature. I was so tickled to see the truck that I signed it as well.

I wrote: “DC represent!” and signed my name.

A little goofy, yes, but I’m proud to say I’m from the DC area. And I’m proud that a tree from California got chosen to be the Capitol Christmas Tree.

Paper vs. Plastic

plastic bags awaiting recycling, plastic bags, plastic shopping bags

Photo courtesy Evelyn Giggles

On Monday my old stomping grounds, aka Long Beach, outlawed plastic shopping bags. Now shoppers in the LBC need to haul their own bags to the store or fork over 10 cents for a paper bag.

Just down the block from my new stomping grounds in Sacramento, the California Supreme Court ruled that environmental studies aren’t necessary in order to ban plastic bags in smaller cities.

I’m all for recycling and saving the rainforests, polar bears, dolphins, you name it. But banning plastic bags impacts my ability to scoop the poop and clean up puke. And by poop and puke I’m talking about the stuff coming from my cat.

Sure, I could use paper bags when I’m cleaning out the litter box. But I’ve discovered that holding a plastic bag over my hand to pick up cat puke is much less labor intensive than using a paper towel (also bad for the environment, right?). And let me tell you, this cat was puking a LOT over the last month. It was not pleasant. (Hairball problem – she’s doing better now, thank goodness.)

There are also groups that rail against using paper bags, and studies that say paper isn’t much better. Just google “paper bag facts” and you’ll find several articles discussing the paper versus plastic debate, including this one.

I use my fabric shopping bags often, especially for groceries, but on small trips I’ll get the plastic bags, mainly to restock my supply of cat maintenance materials. Maybe stores still offering plastic and paper can start asking whether I want to save the oceans or the trees. That way I can still be environmentally correct. Sort of.

Has your town banned plastic bags?

How has it changed your shopping experiences?

There’s gold in Sacramento!

Saw an article at Treehugger about renewed interest in gold mining in California. The Sutter Creek mines, only45 miles from where I live in Sacramento, are a possibility.

I get there’s an environmental impact and that it will take time before mining can actually begin, but damn, it would be fun to have gold mines open. Maybe it will revitalize many a native Californian’s pioneering spirit. Maybe people struggling with debt and unemployment will be excited by the prospect of, well, prospecting.

Or maybe it will turn out to be a complete waste of time and money.

Roller Derby!

Tonight I went to a roller derby bout. Several years ago I went to one in L.A. and loved it – high energy, entertaining, and gritty. When I found out about the Sacred City Derby Girls in Sacramento, I had to go check them out. Still fun, gritty and highly entertaining, even if it’s flat track.

I think Eartha Quake would be a great derby name.

Veteran’s Day at Capitol Park

It was a nice afternoon here in Sacramento so I decided to wander through Capitol Park and take pictures. Here’s a little slideshow from the photos I took. There’s a couple shots of the 2010 State Christmas Tree, which was delivered earlier this week and is now in place in front of the State Capitol Building. From the looks of things the tree is in the process of being decorated for the big tree lighting ceremony in early December.