TCHO Chocolate Rocks My World

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Several years ago I found out about TCHO Chocolate, which is made in the Bay area. They started out with a factory on Pier 17 in San Francisco, but recently relocated to Berkeley. On my 40th birthday I  visited their factory store and fell in love with all the different dark chocolates they had available. Now they also offer milk chocolate – which is much better than anything you’d find in a grocery store – and a few specialty blends that would make Augustus Gloop cry, they are so good.

Over the weekend, I visited the TCHO kiosk in Westfield Mall in San Francisco. It was challenging to not BUY ALL THE CHOCOLATE THINGS, but I maintained some self control. I got a Mokaccino bar and a little sampler pack for myself, plus a few gifts for friends.

chocolate, mocha, coffee, milk chocolate, TCHO chocolate, chocolate bar, chocolate candy

Mokaccino bar from TCHO – it’s like a coffee chocolate party in your mouth.

If you’re a chocolate lover, you owe it to your taste buds to get some TCHO. Augustus would approve.

*TCHO did not pay me to write this post. I just really love their chocolate.

Musical Interlude: Journey

I just got back from a fan-freakin-tastic weekend in San Francisco – otherwise referred to as The City by NorCal folks. It’s never San Fran or Frisco. SF or The City is fine, bold and italics are optional.

While I continue to bliss out on my awesome weekend, y’all can enjoy this little musical interlude brought to you by the popular SF band, Journey. I think you’ll love their fabulous late 70s clothes and hair, not to mention the special effects.

Wednesday’s Wackiness: The White House, Jello Style

Liz Hickok is an artist based in San Francisco who works in – wait for it – Jello. She’s done some really cool installations and exhibits of cityscapes, including a highly touted series on San Francisco. This week’s wackiness, however, is a video of Obama’s first 100 days in office, if he lived in a Jello-fied White House. Tip: once the video has loaded, run the slider back and forth to speed up the video – this will give you the full effect.