Pretend Boyfriends

About a month ago Deena and I had one of our marathon phone chats. These started when we were teenagers and our parents would yell about astronomical charges on the bill. Over the years, our conversations have run the gamut from boys to clothes to cats to work. In this particular conversation, we were back to boys. Specifically, we talked about TV characters we would date/not date.

It started when Deena said she would date Jim Ignatowski from “Taxi.”

jim ignatowski meme

Moxie: Wait, what did you just say?

Deena: I would date Ignatowski. He’s fun. I would date Kramer [from “Seinfeld”] too.

Moxie: Yeah, Kramer’s crazy schemes would keep things interesting, that’s for sure.

We then proceeded to name sitcoms and other shows from our youth, picking the characters we would have dated. For “Happy Days,” she picked the Fonz, but when I asked who she’d date out of Richie, Potsie, and Ralph Mouth, she picked Ralph. I picked Potsie. “Richie was too uptight,” said Deena. “Ralph would make you laugh.”

Then there are the TV dads. When I asked her to choose between the “Family Ties” dad or the “Growing Pains” dad, she picked Steven Keaton from “Family Ties” right away.

Deena: He was funny and compassionate, and I liked it when Mallory or Jennifer would do something f***ed up and he’d get all flustered.

Moxie: You know that actor has played rapists and serial killers since “Family Ties” ended. I guess he got tired of being typecast.

Deena: Eww. Not Mr. Keaton!

Here’s the TV boyfriend breakdown – and some girlfriends, too. I mean, you gotta gossip about your TV boyfriends with a good TV girlfriend, right?

TV ShowDeena's PickMoxie's PickNotes
Welcome Back KotterHorshackHorshackDeena: Vinnie Barbarino is way too dumb for me.
M*A*S*HHawkeye; RadarHawkeye; Trapper
Deena: Radar was so cute with his teddy bear.
Moxie: Yeah, he was. I would have snuggled up with him. Radar AND the bear.
Love BoatJulieDoc; Captain StubingMoxie: Doc was a player but he could be nice. The Captain was hot for an old guy.
Deena: Ehh, I don't like any of them.
Moxie: You could switch teams. What about Julie the cruise director?
Deena: Yeah, she'd be cool.
Fantasy IslandpassMr. RoarkeDeena: NOT Tattoo.
Moxie: Yeah, he didn't do it for me. But Mr. Roarke was kinda hot for an old guy.
Laverne and ShirleyCarmine
carmine raguso meme
CarmineDeena: The other guys were just kinda creepy.
Moxie: Agreed.
The Facts of LifeJo; Tootie; NataliepassDeena: Jo was cool. I want to hang out with the girl who breaks the rules.
Moxie: What about Tootie? You roller skate and she does too.
Deena: Oh yeah. I like Natalie, too.
Diff'rent StrokesMr. DrummondArnoldMoxie: So would you pick Willis, Arnold, or do the sugar daddy thing and go with Mr. Drummond.
Deena: Mr. Drummond. He'd be a good sugar daddy.
Dukes of HazzardBoBo
bo duke meme
Deena: I watched that show a lot.
Moxie: I actually didn't watch that show, but I remember it. Did I tell you I met the actor who played Bo?
Deena: Really?
Moxie: Yeah, he is a super nice guy and he is FINE.
niles crane meme
FrasierDeena: Frasier was alway so uptight. At least Niles could cut loose some times.
Three's CompanyJackJackDeena: Jack was sensitive. I like that.
Bosom BuddiesBuffyBuffyDeena: I can't really remember the other guy.
Moxie: No one can.
The Odd CoupleFelixpassMoxie: I never really watched that show.

Fixing All the Things – or Trying to, Anyway

Originally my post for today was going to be about my mad love for Moulin Rouge, as I watched it for the umpteenth time last night. Instead I will write about my day of attempted fixes.

First up, the blog. I had to do a manual update of WordPress, which in and of itself wasn’t too difficult, but when you haven’t done something the not-easy-but-not-all-that-hard way for a long time, it takes a while to figure out how to do it without screwing up a bunch of other stuff. I spent a lot of time searching the help forums, emailing back and forth with a friend who knows WordPress well, and fiddling with PHP files. I still cannot get it to create directories so that I can update my plugins, or even switch to a new theme, but that’s an issue for tomorrow or later in the week.

Second, my car. Agnes Lincoln has served me well for 5 years to the point I’ve gotten spoiled. Working from home means I don’t drive as much, so maintenance costs have been minimal. But tonight that all changed, as she wouldn’t start after I went to get tacos for dinner. A jumpstart didn’t work, so I had the car towed to a service station. The tow truck guy predicted a fuel pump issue, based on what he saw and what I told him. We shall see. I know enough about cars to know that I want someone else to deal with every aspect of their maintenance.

In true child-of-the-70s-and-80s fashion, I always think of Schneider from “One Day at a Time” whenever I have to be in fixit mode. He may have been a bit of a pest, and not the most skilled handyman, but he was funny and had a good heart. Here’s hoping the person who works on my car has excellent skills AND is as nice as Schneider, and has reasonable rates, too.

Schneider was THE fixit guy of the 70s and 80s.