Weird Things Seen on the Street #40

Technically, this bright orange feather wasn’t on the street. It was on my neighbor’s door mat. But it definitely qualifies as weird. And I must confess I am responsible for the feather being there.

For New Year’s Eve Ms. Chick & I went to a party where guests were encouraged to dress up a la Moulin Rouge. I pulled out a feather boa from my Halloween costume stash. Want to guess what color the boa is?

Those boas shed like crazy. So while it wasn’t surprising to find this feather on my neighbor’s door mat on January 3, it certainly was funny. And weird. Let’s not forget weird.


Weird Things Seen on the Street #37

Anytime I see sharp objects on the sidewalk or street I worry a child or animal will get injured, either by walking on it or picking it up. So after I saw this needle – and photographed it as Weird Item #37 – I carefully picked it up and moved it out of harm’s way.

needle, needlework, weird things on street

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