What I Learned about Life from Watching Movies, Part 1

This coming Saturday will mark my 4th year of blogging. Hard to believe I’ve been doing it this long, maybe because I’m sporadic in my postings. In honor of this anniversary I’m going to try extra hard to post something every day this week.

Cook And MooreImage details: Cook And Moore served by picapp.com
I learned about manifestation and the power of intention from Bedazzled, the original 1967 starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. It was playing at a theatre in L.A. a few weeks ago and a good friend invited me to go see it, since I’d never seen the entire movie. About halfway through the film I realized that this movie was a great way to learn how to manifest, and how when we manifest from a place of ego, as Stanley Moon (Moore) does when he aligns himself with George Spiggott, a.k.a. the Devil (Cook), we’re ultimately dissatisfied with the results.

I learned about friendship and the importance of authenticity from Sex and the City: The Movie. (I don’t think I need to mention who stars in this flick.) Sure, there’s sex and nudity and titillating content. But at the heart of this movie is the message that friendship means you are authentic and honest without fear of judgment. Since this is still in the theatres, I don’t want to give anything away to those who haven’t seen it. Just know this, ladies: it may make you rethink the nature of your friendships with women, and if those friendships fully embrace your true self and honor the essence of others.

I learned about acceptance and compassion from Lars and the Real Girl, a very moving, funny film from 2007 starring Ryan Gosling as a troubled young man who falls in love with Bianca, a sex doll. His family and the community rally around him as he works out his extreme shyness and intimacy issues through his relationship with the outgoing yet disabled Bianca. Through the process they all learn a lesson on how important it is to be accepting of others, even when it’s hard to understand why they do the things they do, and loving them through their process of self-discovery.