Travelin’ with Moxie

After many years of hearing from Pops of how fabulous Montana is, and after many years of me saying, “Not yet, it’s too rural for me,” I finally did it. I rode with Pops from Sacramento to Montana, where Aunt Gigi & Uncle Ned have a cabin.

And I get it now. I get why my family members love this place so much. Montana is beautiful, so beautiful that the first couple of days I was overcome by the beauty that I couldn’t talk about it without wanting to cry. Or actually crying, which was embarrassing. I did my best to act like it was just seasonal allergies kicking in, which isn’t hard with all this pollen and nature around.

I will always be a city girl at heart – the girl who grins like a damn fool when she sees skyscrapers and tall buildings – but there is something about being surrounded by the stillness and solitude of nature, and all you can see for miles is sky meeting mountain and hillside and plains.

I’ve posted a few pictures from the trip, which included stops in two other states I’ve never visited: Idaho and Wyoming. I finally got to see Yellowstone Park and I did not make a Yogi Bear joke once.

While you will very likely never find me up this way in the winter months, I definitely plan on coming to Montana again in the summer. In a way you could say my newfound appreciation for Big Sky country means I am finally “showing some gumption”, as Uncle Ned would say. And gumption is really just another word for moxie, right?

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  1. Gorgeous photos! And kudos on being able to resist the Yogi Bear jokes.

    Like you, I am happiest around big buildings and impressive architecture, but I also know that feeling of peace that comes with getting way out into the country and looking at the sky. Glad you had a wonderful trip!

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