Faces of Depression, Day 31 – Final Thoughts

What a month it’s been. When I started this online chronicle of my depression, my goal was to show people that depression can sometimes look very different than the sad-sack-on-the-couch-eating-junk-food stereotype. Sometimes depression wears heavy makeup and does its hair. Other times it puts on a little lip gloss and calls it a day.

I didn’t realize just how closely connected my anxiety is to my depression. As a result this ended up being a chronicle of both anxiety and depression. For me, my anxiety builds up, then leads to depression because I am so anxious I don’t want to deal with anything, which makes me depressed. It is a vicious, horrible cycle that can be challenging to break.

I used a very arbitrary system to rank my depressive feelings, and if I were to do this online chronicle again, I would work out a different scaling system that looks at anxiety as well.

On this final day of the month, I am doing okay – some anxiety over money, per the usual, but in a relatively good mood. I voted early, thanks to the DMV getting my new license to me so promptly, and I’m glad to have that done. Now to spend a relaxing night with the cats, watching Hulu or Netflix.

Thanks to all who commented, here or on social media, and shared their support and encouragement.

Final selfie for the month. Today was a 7 out of 10.
Final selfie for the month. Today was a 7 out of 10.