Weird Things Seen on the Street, #50

Can you believe I’ve now posted fifty weird things seen on the street? It really should be more than that because there is definitely some weird shit on the streets of the world. Here’s one I saw in a Target parking lot in Baltimore.

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For you kids who don’t know what this is, I shall explain. Once upon a time cars did not have satellite radio or hookups to play MP3s or Spotify from your smartphone. Instead we had these things called tape decks. They played cassette tapes, which looked like this. Over time, as music moved from tapes to CDs (please don’t tell me I need to explain those, just google it for crying out loud), you could buy a special adapter that would play CDs from a portable player through your car’s stereo system. The adapter included a special cassette tape – and that is what this is. Probably circa 1992-3, I’m guessing.

Seen something weird on the street lately?

Send me your photo, along with where you saw the weirdness, and I’ll post it here!

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2 Replies to “Weird Things Seen on the Street, #50”

  1. Nice find! I can never look at a cassette tape, though, without making sure there is a rewind pencil close at hand. Just in case.

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