The Coolest Blogger in Atlanta

As some of you may have already read on Beth’s blog, I had the chance to meet her recently. She’s only the second blogger I’ve met in person, the first being Subservient No More (The Blogger Formerly Known as Subservient Worker) back in 2006. Since the rendezvous with S.W. went so well, I didn’t expect anything different from this meeting. Sure enough, Beth did not disappoint.

What’s funny about meeting someone from the blogosphere is that it’s akin to meeting a celebrity, at least for me. I’ve read what this person has to say about life, liberty, and the pursuit of a good margarita (or in Beth’s case, tickets to a show and a margarita), and I feel like I have the inside track. Yet it’s not the same as meeting said blogger and chatting over coffee or cocktails. While a lot of truth can come out in one’s blog, there’s a whole ‘nother level of truth that comes out in person.

This was definitely true of my meeting with Beth. Finally hearing her voice, after having imagined it in my head several times, wasn’t particularly shocking. Her voice is huskier than I had imagined, and there’s a slight southern drawl to it that comes out occasionally. We arranged to meet outside the security checkpoint at the airport, and her message left details on how to find her. And while her polka-dotted vest helped me find her quickly, it was the shock of black curly hair. Once I saw her, I started grinning and waving as if I’d seen the Beatles. She gave me a big hug as I said, “It’s the best blogger in Atlanta!” I saw several people smile as they heard that, and I really should have handed out her URL, but there was no time – a chat session was a-waitin’.

We headed to a nearby restaurant for some wine and a sammich. As soon as we sat down, things started getting interesting. In the course of an hour and 20 minutes, we covered many topics: work, relationships, writing, music, life in CA versus life in GA, family, our love of Chick-fil-A, blogger gossip, transitions. I considered aloud whether I should have her sign my MP3 player, based solely on her contributions to most of its current content. We shared some private stories that we wouldn’t necessarily broadcast via blog. I love when that happens.

We may not get to see recent full-frontal photos of the Cup, but let me tell you, Beth is very cute and has this sparkle in her eyes that suggests she is full of mischief and fun. I can’t wait to connect with her again, listen to some good tunes, and chat some more. That’s because Beth is not only the best blogger in Atlanta, she’s also the coolest.