Mercury Retrograde Wednesdays: Gemini Edition

Mercury retrograde in Gemini, Mercury retrograde, Mercury, retrograde planets, Mercury in Gemini, Gemini, girl with moxie, astrologyWelcome to the Gemini Edition of Mercury Retrograde Wednesdays! The sign of the Twins is all about lighthearted fun, expressing oneself, and boundless curiosity. With Mercury as its ruling planet, life can get even more chaotic and ridiculous when Mercury goes retrograde: plans go sideways, surprises pop up, technology can get wonky. As frustrating as that can be, if we learn how to pivot, our Mercury retrograde experience can be much easier.

Mercury: The Basics

Mercury, Hermes, Greek mythology, Roman mythology
Hendrik Goltzius / Public domain

Let’s review what we know about Mercury from mythology. Mercury (Hermes) is the messenger of the gods in Greek and Roman mythology. He’s also a trickster and shapeshifter, and loves a good prank. Zeus had a lot of affection for Mercury’s cleverness and entrusted him with several tasks. Mercury was the only god who could freely move into the underworld and was a psychopomp, guiding souls to the underworld.

The dates for Mercury retrograde in Gemini are:

May 14, 2021 – Mercury enters shadow period

May 29, 2021 – Mercury stations retrograde at 24 degrees Gemini

June 22, 2021 – Mercury stations direct at 16 degrees Gemini

July 7, 2021 – Mercury leaves shadow period

Mercury retrograde means a lot of “re” activities, and in light of that, I will repeat what I’ve said before: Mercury has an excellent marketing/PR team, because so many people are aware of Mercury retrograde cycles and how it affects travel, electronic devices, and communication. Those of us with Mercury predominant in our charts (Gemini and Virgo Sun/Rising, in particular) may struggle the most when Mercury is retrograde. The beauty of studying astrology, though, is learning how how planetary transits and retrograde cycles may affect our lives, and finding ways to work with those energies. Being aware of upcoming Mercury retrograde cycles can help you prepare for them.

When Mercury is retrograde or about to go retrograde, regardless of your personal placements, it can help to:

      • Have a Plan B, C and D in case original plans go sideways.
      • Focus on listening deeply to others.
      • Ask questions to confirm & clarify.
      • Pause before responding to a challenging situation.

Retrograde periods are a time to slow down and be reflective. Since Mercury rules Wednesday, I once again encourage you to celebrate Mercury Retrograde Wednesdays for the remainder of this current cycle – and during the shadow period as well. From now through June 16 (when Mercury stations direct) and continuing through July 7 (when Mercury leaves its shadow), spend the next few Wednesdays honoring this versatile, multitalented planet with some very mercurial activities.

Activities for Mercury Retrograde Wednesdays: Gemini Edition

Gemini loves a quick list, so here are some activities you can do on Wednesdays during Mercury Retrograde in Gemini.

    • Give/get hand and arm massages.
    • Give/get a manicure – either DIY or treat yourself to a professional manicure. Simply learning how to keep your nails healthy & neat is always good.
    • Write letters, cards, and notes to friends & family.
    • Visit the library – virtually or in person. Gemini rules books, reading and libraries!
    • Learn how to be a better proofreader or editor. Take it from someone who’s worked as a writer, journalist, editor & proofreader: all the grammar apps and spellcheckers in the world cannot make up for editing and proofreading done by a trained professional. Take online classes or pick up some books.
    • Practice your handwriting. Bonus points if you teach yourself how to write with your non-dominant hand! (Gemini rules ambidexterity.)
    • Re-learn how to breathe. This TEDx talk on breathing is very insightful.


    • Take a bike ride or short road trip.

May this Mercury retrograde cycle stimulate your curiosity, helping you find new ways to appreciate the slowdown of energy.

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