February 11, 2021 – New Moon in Aquarius

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The New Moon in Aquarius meets up with five – count ’em, FIVE – other planets in the sign of the Water Bearer, elevating us into the stratosphere. What happens when we get there is completely up to us.


Monday was my birthday, so I’ve been paying close attention to the astrology this week, noticing all these planets coming together in Aquarius and the impact it has on the collective, both conscious and unconscious. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius and it is a planetary board meeting in which each planet has original, innovative insights into what’s necessary in order for change to happen, but the focus differs between them.

In short: we are all tired of the status quo and ready for change – and knowing where to start is overwhelming and exhausting.

That’s where the New Moon in Aquarius comes in and asks us to feel our way through it. Aquarius is not a sign that’s known for emotional depth of feeling – air signs are more about intellectual processing, rationality and logic. They struggle to tap into their feelings and when they do, they are often asking “how” or “why” those feelings are present, because that analytical process is how they navigate through the world. I speak from personal experience, being an Aquarius Sun, Mercury, North Node plus a Gemini rising. It is a major challenge to simply allow feelings to exist and acknowledge them without examining them from all sides.

Chani Nicholas’ book, You Were Born for This, offers affirmations for the signs. Out of the Aquarius affirmations, the one I personally find the most helpful is

My emotions have their own logic.

The New Moon in Aquarius embodies this concept. It says to us, “Look, I know you might not fully understand why you feel how you feel. But you need to just accept that yes, you DO have feelings and yes, they won’t always be rational. Stop acting like your emotional experience has you trapped in an escape room and you have to break out within an hour.”


Use this new moon energy to simply be present. Let the thoughts and feelings flow through you – write them down in one long rambling journal entry, if you’re so inclined. Meditate with amethyst, moonstone or clear quartz.

Change is all around us, and all we have to do is step into it.

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My Declaration of Independence: 2015 Edition

Everything Must Change

Three years ago today, I got reduced to part-time hours at my office job. At the time I was relieved to not be completely laid off, but still frustrated that I wouldn’t be making as much money. I told my boss, “This is a blessing because now I’ll be able to spend more time with my family.”

I didn’t know what the next year held in store for me. Because by November 15 of 2009, my grandfather, his second wife, and Momcat had all died.

Grandpa and his wife died within 24 hours of each other in January. They had been married for a little over 10 years, I think, and had a lot of affection for each other. They traveled a lot and stayed fairly healthy up to the last year of their lives. Grandpa had just turned 95 about a month earlier.

Momcat was another story. She’d been in poor health for years, with autoimmune disorders and other ailments affecting her as well as chronic anxiety and depression. In September of 2009 she fell and broke her arm. Then she got pneumonia, had a heart attack in the hospital, and in early October she died at a rehabilitation facility from what the doctors suspect was a pulmonary embolism. She was 66, just shy of turning 67.

Since then, the holidays have been tough for me. To be frank, the last 4 months of the year are hard. Remember that TV show “Quantum Leap”, where the scientist would go back in time to alter events? There’s a part of me that wishes I could go back to that moment right before Momcat broke her arm. Or do you watch “Fringe”, where there’s an alternate universe that looks very much like this one, right down to the inhabitants? Sometimes I wish I could get to that alternate universe and spend time with Momcat again.

But I’m here, in this universe and without the means to bend time or travel through it. And it’s really hard sometimes. The last few weeks have been particularly stressful, probably because it was the second anniversary of her death and this Sunday would have been the umpteenth anniversary of her 38th birthday. I’m making it through as best I can. Some days are easier than others.

I titled this post after a song by Paul Young, who was big in the 80s. Because as much as I dislike change sometimes, especially when it means people I love are no longer in this world, I’m still aware that change is a part of this silly, mysterious, crazy, sad, scary, wonderful, amazing thing called life.