April 26, 2021 – Full Moon in Scorpio

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Full Moon in Scorpio can be an intense period, as the transformative power of Scorpio energy seeks release during this time. The process of transformation does not need to be a difficult one, however, if we embrace Scorpio’s desire to uncover the truth and use it to metamorphose into a better, greater version of ourselves.

Here’s where the planets are currently located:

      • Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Taurus
      • Moon in Scorpio
      • Mars in Cancer
      • Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius
      • Neptune in Pisces
      • Pluto in Capricorn

With seven planets in fixed signs, the cosmic energy tends toward more stability – and resistance to change. With the Moon in a sign known for its desire to transmute energy in order to gain more power, there’s potential for dramatic shifts and revelations. If we fight the changes, that will make the Moon’s job that much harder. My suggestion: go with the flow!

Moon in Scorpio

I have a friend who is hesitant to tell people she’s a Scorpio because their reactions often lean toward aversion. The sign of Scorpio is frequently typecast as highly sexual, gothic, passionate and vengeful. It can definitely be all those things – but what I find most compelling about Scorpio is its awareness on a cellular level of the circle of life, death and rebirth. Its intensity comes from this secret knowledge of transformation & transmutation, and that’s why I think society and pop culture often has an extreme, sometimes fearful reaction to this sign. (To be fair, I think some Scorpios like and encourage this response – it keeps away those people who aren’t ready for them!)

To understand how Scorpio embodies transformation and transmutation, we need to understand the four stages of metamorphosis for Scorpio. The AstroTwins write:

In its most basic state, Scorpio is the ground-dwelling scorpion who stings every fear-evoking passerby. Second is the serpent, who charms and enchants but can be deadly venomous when threatened. Third, comes the observant (but predatory) eagle, taking in its sweeping view from high overhead and nesting with its lifelong mate. The most transcendent Scorpio form is the phoenix, who rises from the ashes of destruction and shows you the remaining signs of life.

As I mentioned back in November, the Moon is in its fall in this fixed water sign. This luminary would prefer to keep the emotional experience on a gentle, tranquil plane of existence, where feelings can be expressed in a way that’s going to result in greater understanding and connection. But when the Moon is in Scorpio, it’s taking a much deeper dive: what’s at the bottom of the ocean?

Flashback to November 2020

Take your mind back to November 14, 2020, during the Scorpio New Moon. It was a time when perhaps you realized a transformation was necessary; that you needed to hit the Reset button and start fresh in an aspect of your life that was being highlighted by the Scorpio New Moon. Now that the Moon is Full in Scorpio, check in with yourself based on your rising sign below and ask the following questions:

      • Where did I embrace change in mid-November 2020?
      • What areas of my life did I transform or reform at that time?
      • What’s the current status of those changes?
      • Am I now seeing another area that requires transformation in my life?
      • What steps can I take to embrace new changes?

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The Scorpio Full Moon and Your Rising Sign

Aries Rising – regeneration, transformation, death

Taurus Rising – relationships and partnerships

Gemini Rising – work and work environment, service, health

Cancer Rising – creativity & creative pursuits, children, where you find & seek pleasure

Leo Rising – home, family life, your past, ancestors

Virgo Rising – communication skills & tools for communicating with others, sibling relationships, short trips

Libra Rising – finances, material possessions, self-esteem

Scorpio Rising – physical appearance, self-awareness

Sagittarius Rising – subconscious thoughts & feelings, karmic debts

Capricorn Rising – friends and social groups, hopes, goals

Aquarius Rising – career, fame, reputation

Pisces Rising – personal philosophy, spirituality and beliefs; higher education

I hope this Scorpio Full Moon illuminates where change is necessary in your life, and guides your path toward your transformation.

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One year ago today, I was fired. It feels as if it’s been many years since I worked at that job, and yet there are days when the pain still feels very fresh. For many months I had nightmares that I keep going into the office to work despite being fired, and no one tells me to stop working or to leave. This morning, I had a dream that my former boss, Momcat, and I were about to have a conversation as to what happened that led to the firing. I woke up before the conversation started, but for the first time, I didn’t feel upset about a dream involving my former boss.

Since December 4, 2006, a lot of things have happened to me and my former coworkers:

Within weeks of my firing, my former boss got pregnant. I still wonder if fertility drugs and the stress of trying to get pregnant was part of the reason why she was so nasty to me at times. It irritates me to think that she may have said to people, “I was so stressed because of Moxie that I couldn’t get pregnant.” While that may have been partially true, I’m not so powerful that I render people infertile. My mutant power is screwing up electronic devices, thank you very much.

In summer 2007, the former boss left the company to have the baby and become a stay-at-home mom. She really wanted to be a mom, and she finally got her wish. I think she had the idea that being a wife and mother would bring her some validation that she’d been lacking. I hope she finally feels met.

In March 2007, I met Joe and he moved in.
While I was ready to be in a serious relationship, my relationship with Joe has stretched me in ways that I didn’t expect. The last 2-3 months have been very difficult on a number of levels and we are trying to be better partners to each other, as well as better to ourselves.

My former colleague and good friend Andrea* moved from Africa to the UK, got into graduate school, and got engaged.
Andrea is an awesome, funny, idealistic woman that I am so glad to know. I really want her to write a book or blog about all of her adventures, like about the time she got paid with a huge bag of money and the time she was teaching English during a blackout in a small Chilean village. Her fiance, Edward, is a charming mega-intelligent Brit who makes you feel like you are the most important person in the room. They should be in town later this month.

Another former colleague, Jenny, left the company to work with some other former colleagues doing something completely different. Jenny was a superstar at the company, loved by many people, but I don’t think she thought so. She worked on one of the most well-known publications and would stay for hours just getting everything done. When she decided to move on to new things, I was pretty surprised, but very happy for her. She and her red pencil will end up ruling a small country one day, if not the world.

I have put myself in a position where I am struggling professionally and financially, not to mention physically and emotionally. I have done this several times in my life, mainly when I’ve felt that I was not appreciated enough at a corporate job. I leave the job, whine and complain about the place, insist that I will not go back to a corporate environment on a permanent full-time basis, and within 2 years or so I am back in the mix, trying to trick myself into believing I can make myself deal with corporate life. After 8 months on the job, I start screwing myself over again. The truth is that I am a grown-ass woman, as T-Wizzle would say, and it’s time I stopped doing this to myself, much less subjecting other people to my craziness. I’ll let you know what I decide to do instead.

*All names have been changed.