Throwback Thursday: Pepperidge Farm Remembers

Recently my social media friend Starmama posted a factoid about the history of German chocolate cake. Turns out there’s no real connection to Germany; it was simply a cake made using German’s chocolate.

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German comes from the inventor of the sweetened chocolate, Samuel German. What started out as a cake recipe titled “German’s chocolate cake” ended up being called German chocolate cake. I kinda want to start calling it by that original name again, but I suspect I would be alone in doing so, and all these people would correct me, then I’d get mad and go all Cliff Clavin on them, which no one likes.

This revelation reminded me of all the times Momcat bought Pepperidge Farm German chocolate cake in the frozen desserts section of the store. It was the go-to cake for several years in the late ’70s and early ’80s for my family, whether it was a birthday celebration or other special occasion. As a kid I liked the coconut-pecan frosting; it was decadently sweet but also had texture. Eventually we reached critical mass and became sick of the cake and its cloying sweetness. (We moved on to Sara Lee chocolate mousse, another decadent frozen dessert which changed recipes long ago. We loved our sweets.)

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Remembering all those German chocolate cakes got me remembering those Pepperidge Farm ads from the ’70s and ’80s with the “Pepperidge Farm remembers” tagline. I can still hear the New England-esque accent of the actor in the ad…and now you can, too!

What favorite treats do you remember from childhood?