Throwback Thursday: Permed Hair & Cybill Shepherd

For the last week, I have been watching “Cybill” on Hulu. This mid-90s sitcom starred a post-Moonlighting Cybill Shepherd, and was similar to the British sitcom “Absolutely Fabulous” in that the two lead female characters were best friends who drank a lot and got into crazy escapades. Momcat loved this show back in the day and often referred to Cybill as “Cyb-Cyb.” Not sure why, but Momcat did love silly nicknames.

Cybill, Cybill Shepherd, Christine Baranski, Alan Rosenberg, Dedee Pfeiffer, Alicia Witt, sitcom, television
The cast of “Cybill.”

Some of the writing is quite good, yet there are some plot lines that really are tiresome, such as younger daughter Zoe’s (Alicia Witt) constant cynicism and BFF Marianne’s (Christine Baranski) obsession with Cybill’s ex-husband Ira (Alan Rosenberg). I do love all the cameos, like Tony Bennett, Phyllis Diller, Tim Conway, just to name a few. Cybill seems to enjoy all the people who guest star on her show, and they seem to be enjoying themselves, too. I also really like Cybill’s singing – Christine’s great, too – and the two women are very believable as besties.

I know the point of Throwback Thursday is to share a picture of oneself and a story. Right now my story is that I miss my mom and watching “Cybill” makes me not miss her as much. As for a photo, here’s one of me circa 1993, permed hair and all. (My plan was to post a photo from mid 90’s, when the show was on the air, but I couldn’t find the one I wanted.)