May 26, 2021 – Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

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We start the first eclipse season of 2021 with a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. This full moon goes to eleven as it ushers in plot twists and surprise endings related to our understanding of the world around us, what we think we know and understand, and where we are completely clueless. Where we see these plot twists & endings depends on where the eclipse occurs in our natal chart.

In 2021, we will have eclipses in Gemini, Sagittarius, and Taurus:

May 26, 2021 – Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees Sagittarius

June 10, 2021 – Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees Gemini

November 19, 2021 – Lunar Eclipse at 27 degrees Taurus

December 4, 2021 – Solar Eclipse at 12 degrees Sagittarius

During last year’s eclipse season, I wrote about themes for the eclipses:

For the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, the themes are about knowledge and how we use it: are we gathering lots of information for later study and reference (Gemini) or are we synthesizing all that we’ve learned to bring about change (Sagittarius)?

We’ve learned a lot since the December 14, 2020 Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius – but how much of that knowledge is beneficial for our growth? It’s graduation season for many in the USA; are we ready to graduate, armed with all the lessons we’ve learned?

Let’s take a look at the Gemini-Sagittarius opposition to understand how these signs relate to each other.

Gemini – Sagittarius: The Quest for Knowledge

My grandfather once told me, “There are two types of people in this world: those who paint with a big brush and those who paint with a little brush. I’m not saying one is better than the other, though. You need both kinds of people.” That’s an apt description for the Gemini-Sagittarius axis: Gemini is adding in all the details on a smaller canvas with its little brush, while Sagittarius is creating broad, sweeping strokes with its big brush. Who makes the better painting? Depends on who you ask, but the reality is we need both kinds of people, like Grandpa said.

Gemini, Sagittarius, oppositions, opposing signs, zodiac signs, astrology, girl with moxie

Both signs are thirsty for knowledge, often insatiably curious about people, life, the world. Gemini seeks out information from a wide variety of sources and may struggle to parse out what’s actually of value. Sagittarius gathers information from multiple sources as well, but has the experience to know what’s worthy of further study.

While traditional astrology links Gemini to “lower mind” and Sagittarius to “higher mind”, it’s not suggesting that Sagittarius is the more intelligent sign. I find it helpful to equate Gemini to a 4- or 5-year-old who’s constantly asking questions, observing the world around them and formulating beliefs based on those observations. Sagittarius is the college graduate who has gleaned enough knowledge to know that not everything they believed as a little kid is actually true.

As a Gemini rising with a stellium in Sagittarius (meaning 3 planets in a single sign), I love these two signs and find them incredibly fascinating for their versatility, breadth of knowledge & skills, and sense of humor. I could write about these opposing signs for days. But I digress – which is oh so very Gemini-Sagittarius!

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

With this lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, we have permission to step back from our masterpiece and assess our work. Did we paint with a little brush when we should have picked up the big brush? Or vice versa? Stepping away from the painting metaphor for a moment (is it obvious I really love this metaphor?!), can we review and synthesize all the information we’ve gathered?

If you have your Sun, Moon, or Rising in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces (especially those with placements between 1-10 degrees of those signs), these last few days may have been particularly challenging. The world is opening up again after more than a year of restrictions, and in that time we’ve learned a lot about ourselves, our communities, our deepest fears & insecurities – and our greatest hopes & dreams.

If you know your rising sign, here’s a rundown of where you may have been gathering information over the last 5-6 months, and where you need to synthesize the lessons you’ve learned.

      • Aries Rising – personal philosophy, spirituality and beliefs; higher education
      • Taurus Rising – regeneration, transformation, death
      • Gemini Rising – relationships and partnerships
      • Cancer Rising – work and work environment, service, health
      • Leo Rising – creativity & creative pursuits, children, where you find & seek pleasure
      • Virgo Rising – home, family life, your past, ancestors
      • Libra Rising – communication skills & tools for communicating with others, sibling relationships, short trips
      • Scorpio Rising – finances, material possessions, self-esteem
      • Sagittarius Rising – physical appearance, self-awareness
      • Capricorn Rising – subconscious thoughts & feelings, karmic debts
      • Aquarius Rising – friends and social groups, hopes, goals
      • Pisces Rising – career, fame, reputation

You can also read that list for your Sun sign, which would also be impacted, though maybe not as strongly. (Not sure about your rising sign? Visit to generate your natal chart for free using whole sign houses.)

May this lunar eclipse provide you with some fascinating insights on the knowledge you’ve gathered and how to use that knowledge to drive you to become your best self.

January 28, 2021 – Full Moon in Leo

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Our first Full Moon of 2021 is in the sign of Leo. Aquarius, the sign that opposes Leo, is currently hosting the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. With all those planets in Aquarius, the see-saw is definitely weighted in favor of air sign energy. How do we reconcile the emotional drama and creative power of the Leo Moon with all that focused (Sun), chatty (Mercury), expansive (Jupiter), mindful (Saturn) activity in Aquarius?

Simple. We make room for everyone on the stage. We let the Leo Moon be the excited, committed director and producer of a visionary, innovative show about human nature featuring the comic clever stylings of Mercury, the hearty ebullient wit of Jupiter, the wry wisdom of Saturn and the booming presence of the Sun. The Leo Moon encourages all these planets to show & celebrate their strengths while in Aquarius – that’s just in its nature.

Moon in Leo

I’m always pleased when it’s a Full Moon in Leo – mostly because it’s either my birthday or it’s coming up very soon! Leo is a very celebratory sign, whether it’s about feting others or oneself. A friend of mine once joked that Leos make sure you know when their birthday is coming up – and as a Leo Moon, I can attest to this. (My birthday is February 8.) As soon as the Sun moves into Aquarius I begin talking about my birthday, I start the process of treating myself to presents, and I don’t stop until the end of February. This year, however, I am celebrating a big birthday, and because of the pandemic affecting any plans I would normally make to have parties with friends, I’m working that Leo Moon energy and make it a year-long celebration.

But enough about me – let’s talk more about the Moon and fixed signs. When the Moon is in a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), it takes on the qualities we see in fixed signs: determination, reliability, stability, and loyalty. These signs commit to their goals and follow through on them, even if it takes a long time. When we combine the fixed fire of Leo with the Moon, we may see dramatic emotional displays, grand gestures, and burning with passion for whatever – or whomever – they feel drawn to.

I’ve written in previous posts about oppositions in astrology, and how opposing signs want the same things but take different approaches to getting them. With fixed signs, we have two oppositions: Taurus-Scorpio and Aquarius-Leo. These 4 signs may not agree on everything, but because they share a desire to follow through on achieving their goals, they divide up the labor based on their area of expertise and know that as a team, the world is theirs for the taking. Makes sense, then, that fixed signs are symbolized on the World card in Tarot: Taurus the Bull, Leo the Lion, Scorpio the Eagle, and Aquarius the Man.

World card, Tarot, tarot card, World Tarot card

Flashback to August 2020

Take your mind back to August 18, 2020, when there was a New Moon in Leo. What did you call forth at that time? Did you focus your intentions on opening your heart, expressing your creative energies, or finding that place where your leadership abilities reside?

Now that the Moon is Full in Leo, it’s a good time to review any writings or readings you did during that Leo New Moon and see what has sprouted from those seeds you planted. If those intentions have borne fruit, then it’s time to say thanks to the universe for what you were able to achieve. Something still in progress? Use this Full Moon to work on manifesting movement toward those goals.

Crystals for the Leo Full Moon

You can place these crystals on your altar, if you have one, or in a prominent place in your home for 2-3 nights during the Leo Full Moon.

      • Citrine
      • Labradorite
      • Rose Quartz
      • Tiger’s Eye

In the true spirit of my Leo Moon, I wish you a year of abundance and happiness, and may your shine never fade away!

October 31, 2020 – Full Moon in Taurus

full moon in Taurus, Taurus full moon, full moon, Taurus moon, astrology, girl with moxieThe last day of October features a triple whammy: a full moon in Taurus that also happens to be a blue moon (meaning it’s the second full moon in a month – there was a full moon in Aries on October 1) and it’s on Halloween. Whew! But there’s no need to be scared: this earthy full moon is here to help us reflect on what we have, what we love, and how to achieve balance between our wants and desires.

In traditional astrology, planets are in their dignity, detriment, exaltation, or fall in certain signs. When a planet is in its dignity, that means it’s in the sign it rules; a planet is in its detriment when in the opposing sign. Exaltation refers to a sign where a planet is strong, happy and thriving; the fall is the sign opposing the exalted position. In the case of the Moon:

Moon in Cancer = dignity
Moon in Capricorn = detriment
Moon in Taurus = exaltation
Moon in Scorpio = fall

This isn’t to say that certain planetary positions are good or bad. In the same way that we interact differently with our best friend than we do our parents, planets and signs work together in ways where there can be challenges – and also blessings. In the case of Moon in Taurus, the Moon comes out of Cancerian waters and finds a warm, comfortable home full of lovely creature comforts where it can ground itself and rest. Taurus moon energy is stable, secure and sentimental. It loves romance and routines. And because Taurus is a sign centered around sensual pleasure, when the Moon is in Taurus it’s very interested in sensory experiences that elevate their emotional response.

Oppositions in Astrology

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, when the Moon is Full, it’s in the sign opposite the Sun. Opposing signs have similar goals but take different paths to get there. When it’s the Sun and Moon in opposing signs, it’s about the ego and personality (Sun) finding balance with the emotional, instinctual response (Moon).

If you ever played on a see-saw or teeter-totter as a child, it may help to imagine the Sun and Moon on either end of a see-saw. One planet may be sitting heavily on one end, holding all the power, while the other planet is high up on the other end. But taking all that power can get tiring after a while, especially if the elevated side is shifting around a lot, demanding attention and equal time.

I find natal oppositions of personal planets and/or “the big three” (sun, moon and ascendant signs) to be fascinating, because it’s ripe for lessons in balance, boundaries and cooperation. My mother – who I refer to as Momcat on this blog– was a Taurus Moon with a Scorpio Sun. She had a lot of loyalty & devotion for her family and loved ones. She cooked balanced, nutritious meals and made a comfortable home for me and my father (who I refer to as Pops on this blog). Momcat was well acquainted with tragic loss from a young age, and she grew up in poverty. Her Scorpio Sun longed for transformation, and she worked very hard to overcome adversity & created a better life for herself as an adult. But she also struggled with hoarding – acquiring more than she could manage – which I see now as being her Taurus Moon working through the shadow side of finding emotional comfort in material possessions.

Taurus, Scorpio, oppositions, zodiac signs, opposing zodiac signs, astrology, girl with moxie

Moon in Taurus

The Taurus Full Moon is inviting us to assess our relationship with our stuff. Are we holding on so tight that we cannot see when it’s time to let go? Do we keep broken, worn-out items in our lives because we are afraid something better won’t be available to replace it?

Taurus’ motto is “I Have”, while Scorpio’s motto is “I Desire.” Scorpio energy is about the cycle of life, death and rebirth. It is about discarding what no longer serves us so that there is room for something new. Pausing that cycle out of fear means that anything we are attempting to manifest – a job, romantic partner, home, car or whatever – also gets put on pause.

Whether or not we have oppositions in our own natal astrological charts, we can use Full Moons and the opposition they represent as an opportunity to achieve harmony through releasing what no longer serves us.

Crystals for the Taurus Full Moon

You can place these crystals on your altar, if you have one, or in a prominent place in your home for 2-3 nights during the Taurus Full Moon.

  • Chrysocolla
  • Jade
  • Red jasper
  • Rhodonite
  • Rose quartz
  • Selenite

When the Moon is full, regardless of the sign it’s in, the collective unconscious is hard at work seeking to learn the value of balance, respecting boundaries, and honoring our emotional needs while being mindful of our greater goals. I hope your Full Moon experience this month brings you whatever healing and release your mind, body and spirit needs to transform.

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