It’s Called a Journal, People

So you want to badmouth your boss?

Rag on a relative?

Bitch about your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Before you put all that vitriol and negativity out in the world using your email account, blog, Tumblr page, Posterous site, Facebook Profile, Twitter account, or any other forum that involves an Internet connection, consider the consequences:

Are you willing to be fired, disinherited, excommunicated, dumped or worse based on what you wrote in a fit of frustration?

If your answer is no, then I’d like to recommend you buy yourself a nice blank book – hell, you can even get a composition notebook for less than five bucks (or less than a dollar, depending where you shop). Buy yourself a nice pen while you’re at it.

Take yourself to a nice, quiet location, break out that pen and notebook, and write down all your snark, negativity, bitching, moaning, griping and whatnot.

And then sit back and know you did the right thing by not putting all your business out in the street.

*Today’s post was prompted by a story on Mashable about the federal decision that Facebook counts as free speech.