State Fair Fun

California State Fair 2016, California State Fair, Calaveras County


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Glenn Dale church & graveyard

Glenn Dale Hospital

History of Glenn Dale Hospital is here.

There She Is, Miss America

Miss America, Miss America statue, beauty pageant, beauty queen, Atlantic City New Jersey, Atlantic City, Atlantic City boardwalk
Miss America statue on Atlantic City Boardwalk

Wednesday’s Wackiness: Underwater Photos

I haven’t done Wednesday’s Wackiness for a long time. I’m sure you’ve all missed it terribly, right?

This week’s wacky comes from a Smithsonian collection of 1950s photographs taken underwater by Bruce Mozert, a pioneer in underwater photography. What makes these photos so wacky is that Mozert recreated above-water activities, such as barbecuing, reading the newspaper, and – one of my favorites – talking on the phone.

If you really dig these photos, be sure to look for Gary Monroe’s book, The Underwater Photography of Bruce Mozert.

Gratuitous cat photo

Every once in a while I have to include a picture of Ippie the Tech Wizard Kitten. So here she is, relaxing on the bed.

This blog post was brought to you by the letter C.